Your Navigator Through the Metaverse

Voidwalker is a creative consultancy agency helping
people & brands navigate through our Internet Society,
and claim their place in it.


Hi, my name is Vincent Buyssens and I’m a creative digital strategist from Antwerp, Belgium.

Through my digital consultancy agency Voidwalker I help people and brands navigate along the communities, content and currencies that make up this Internet Society of ours.

The Metaverse may be the next frontier, but nobody knows what comes next.

Using my expertise in creative digital strategy, passion for community building, and love for internet culture, I create roadmaps for people and brands who seek to travel through this void and beyond.


The internet isn’t eating our world, it’s becoming part of it. 

With Voidwalker I create roadmaps for people, brands & organizations wanting to engage with the communities, content and currencies emerging from this void.

This is how I work:

Internet Culture Curation

Respect the culture” is my core principle. To help you better understand the nuances and depths of the communities you will engage with, I start each roadmap in the with a deep exploration along the different subcultures and worlds they inhabit.


Trend Report | Workshop | Keynote

Community Building

I’m not a gatekeeper, I’m just a guy who’s been immersed in online communities for over a decade, and deeply respects them. 

This understanding and my knowledge of the tools they, enables me to help you find the right way to connect and collaborate with them.


Co-Creation | Best Practices | Training

Creative Digital Strategy

Tapping into my experience building creative digital strategies and collaborating with content creators, I bring everything into alignment for the final roadmap that show the possible pathways through the void.


Strategy | Content | Collaborations

The future and that of the internet belongs to everyone, not just the Silicon Valley elite.
My mission is to help individuals, organizations and brands claim their rightful place in it.
Do you want to be part of this?

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Vincent Buyssens
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